Water Supply Solapur

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With more than one million inhabitants Solapur has become a pulsing industrial hub in the South of Maharashtra. It is expected that Solapur will grow substantially over the middle term future, in both, demographic and economic terms. Projections indicate a double in population by 2041, reaching approximately 2 million inhabitants. At the same time new industrial estates are planned e.g. along the Pune-Solapur Road and new industries are setting up operations in Solapur creating employment opportunities but requiring relevant services and infrastructure. As one of India’s 100 Smart Cities, Solapur has the chance to realize exemplary solutions and set the course for a sustainable urban development. The City's most reliable water source is the Ujani Dam located around 100 km to the North-West. With increasing demand for water and growing water security risks induced by climate change, public, private and civil stakeholders in Solapur are working on the development of innovative solutions for sustainable water management. 

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Smart Water Monitoring Solapur

The City of Solapur, with around one million inhabitants, aims for more information the raw water quality at its waterworks. Therefore, the city administration has proposed a cooperation for a water quality monitoring project. Baden-Württemberg is home to a variety of technology providers for water quality monitoring and will support the city of Solapur in implementing an online water monitoring system. 

We would like to thank the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) for funding the project "AQUA-Hub", promotional reference 16EXI4021A-C, within the "Export initiative for environmental technologies" program..