Water Innovation Hubs for increased Indo-German cooperation

India's cities face  complicated tasks to meet the infrastructure needs of rapidly growing areas. Water scarcity, inadequate wastewater treatment and lack of access to and knowledge of technological solutions pose major challenges for India's water sector. At the same time, many German actors have knowledge and specialised technologies that can contribute to solutions. However, the often specialised and decentralised actors find it difficult to gain a foothold in the Indian market. In AQUA-Hub Water Innovation Hubs are being implemented in the two Indian Smart Cities, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) and Solapur (Maharashtra), and accompanied by pilot measures of German technology for water quality monitoring. AQUA-Hub addresses the needs of the local water sectors identified in previous projects, as well as the challenges of the German water industry to develop projects, relationships and business on the Indian market. A local presence is of great importance for the relations and the exchange of information between the German and Indian actors. In addition to network activities and the mediation of business partners, the hubs fulfil the function of project centres for the realisation of technical demonstration projects and support the access to water technologies "Made in Germany". 


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